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Since 1990, JUBIN BMS has established itself as one of Malaysia’s top supplier of a wide range of quality building products; such as tiles, sanitary wares and a large number of household fittings from various countries. We are the sole distributors of COTTO, FIMA, and BMS PORCELAIN which offers world class standards in design, development, manufacturing technology and product innovation to satisfy the most discerning customer’s desires.



COTTO has been an industrial leader in the ceramics business for more than 25 years, producing world-class standard ceramic tiles, sanitary wares & fittings.


Offering a variety of beautifully designed ceramic tiles with exceptional surface texture to add character to your home. From elegant to practical, COTTO tiles provide every type of surface design imaginable to enhance the aesthetics of your home deco.

COTTO tiles became the world’s no.1 producer for ceramic goods in 2011 while attaining a number of prestigious design awards from distinctive designers around the world such as Spain and Italy.

Throughout the years, COTTO tiles have developed a new high tech “Touchable 3D digital print technology” which enables its users to fully experience and appreciate the intricate design aesthetics while maintaining the high quality of their products. COTTO tiles are also well known for their eco and hygienic (nano-tech) tile product range.

COTTO Sanitary ware & Fittings

COTTO’s innovative range of sanitary ware & fittings includes installation for kitchens, bathrooms, toilets and shower areas. The entire range of products is designed to be elegant and distinct to appeal to the sense while maintaining their practicality and durability.

As with all COTTO’s products, these are designed to be eco-friendly and to provide the right solution while meeting the highest standards.

FIMA Water Faucet & Tap Fittings

FIMA (Fabbrica Italiana Miscelatori Accessori), was founded by Carlo Fratinni in 1960, has been producing high-quality taps and fittings guided by the accurate analysis of the reality and the constant application of technology. Utilising the latest computerized & robotic manufacturing technology, FIMA’s products are guaranteed to longer and carries a warranty of at least 7 years.


Offering a full & wide range of the highest quality in porcelain products. Our OEM brand offers products such as bathroom, kitchen, and tiles installations at affordable prices catering to both the residential and commercial segment.

EURANO Kitchen & Bathroom products

Specialising in customised design solutions to all kinds of bathroom and kitchen with a high emphasis on high quality, practical design and ease of use. Besides that, we provide our customers a one stop, all-in-one installation convenience where everything is covered: once the purchase decision has been made, everything will be taken care of – from product delivery till the installation process has been completed without having to employ a third party supplier.


Developing upon our reputation as a well-known supplier of building products and accessories in Malaysia, our showroom aims to be a “Total Solution Centre”. In line with this concept, we provide a HUGE product range with ideal choices to decorate and furnish modern homes, commercial buildings, high-rise building, hotels and even external facade applications. Our customers will be able to save time and money when they shop at JUBIN BMS.

We have expanded our main HQ showroom in Johor Bahru to almost 3,000m² and Kuala Lumpur Showroom in Kepong to almost 2000m².Both includes a large variety of 3D mock-ups showcasing the latest decorative design ideas for the convenience of our customers now. Plus, our 14,000m² warehouse carries a wide variety of ready stocks.

The BMS MALL located in Johor Bahru, with a floor space of 6, 000m², showcases a wide selection of furniture, electrical appliances, cabinets, and a variety of art & deco galleries to further enhance the Jubin shopping experience. The mall also houses a café for our customers to lounge around and hang out.


Our mission is to serve our customers by enhancing the beauty and aesthetic value of not just their homes, but their lifestyle as well. Hence, we always strive to provide only the best – unparalleled quality products and aftersales service. Also, by providing a variety of quality products all housed under one roof, we aim to help our customer save time and money when they’re shopping with us.

When you think of Ceramic Tiles in Malaysia, you will think of JUBIN BMS as your preferred choice!

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