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FAQs for Tiles

  What’s the difference between ceramic tiles and a porcelain tiles?
Typical uses for ceramic tile are showers, backsplashes, bathroom and kitchen walls and floors. Requiring a stronger material than ceramic, porcelain tile is developed by composing finer bisques, finishes and firing methods.
  What are porcelain tiles?
Porcelain Tiles are known for their durability and zero-maintenance qualities which make them a favorite for use in areas that are exposed to heavy wear and tear. Especially when there is an opportunity to use a heavy duty material without having to compromise on aesthetic appeal.
  Why are porcelain tiles more expensive than ceramic tiles?
Because you are getting a superior product. Porcelain tile requires the finest natural ingredients and a rigidly controlled manufacturing process that utilizes the most advanced processes and technology.
  Why tiles should not be in butt joint?
To ensure that your tiles don’t pop-up within 6-24 months of installation. (Recommended for floor tiles 3-5mm)
  How to get satisfying effect after tiles installation?
Fill joints with similar color grout to increase high performance if appearance. (Recommended : adgrotex / ML40 – add polymer Latex additive to enhance its flexibility and water resistance characteristics. It also improve the grout’s differentials movement capabilities.)
  What are the good adhesives for tile installation?
Choosing the right bonding agent will ensure your tiles will remain permanently. (Recommended : Adflex)
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