Water Closet (WC)



Brand Cotto
Type One Piece
Wash System Siphon Vortex
Water Consumption 6 Liters
Outlet S-Trap


Series TUNIO
Size 410 x  750 x 535 mm
Bowl Shape Elongated
Outlet S-TRAP (305mm) 
Weight 42 KILOGRAM
Recommended Seat Cover & Connectors

TUNIO is an integrated toilet with an electronic seat that meets the need of a Digital Lifestyle. TUNIO is a great, modern, skirted one-piece design that seamlessly blends with the seat that offers maximum comfort for people of all sizes. The mixture of curve lines create aesthetic and fulfill new experience.

Product Tips
Should read the installation instructions before use

Care Warning Instruction
- Clean dirty areas by putting some neutral detergent on the cloth and wiping the area. Polish the area with a dry cloth afterwards.
- Do not use acid or alkaline detergents as this could make the metal parts of the product rust.
- Toilet detergent can damage the product because of the volatile gas in the substance. When cleaning with toilet detergents, finish cleaning guickly.
- Make sure toilet detergent does not get on the body of the product.
- Clean the wet part of the toilet tank often.
- Dowdrops from the rainy season or winter can cause mold to from on the floor or wall. Make sure to Clean them or keep the area well ventilated to avoid molds from forming.