Water Closet (WC)

C16817 3X3-E1 (HYG) DUAL FLUSH


Brand Cotto
Type Closed Coupled WC
Wash System Wash Down
Water Consumption 3/4.5 Liters
Outlet S-Trap


Series 3X3 E-1
Size 410 x  730 x  785 mm
Outlet S-TRAP (305mm) 
Weight 44.4 KILOGRAM
Recommended Seat Cover & Connectors

- Hygiene ceramic, help prevent stain, timescale build up and cleaning easily.
- Two choice for saving water is 3 liters or 4.5 liters (Save 12.5% more, compared with 3/6 liters)
- Soft close toilet seat, will protect the damage of toilet seat cashing.

Product Tips
- Please do not squat on the toilet bowl.
- Please do not climb or step on the counter concealing the flush system

Care Warning Instruction
To clean product should use cleaner which appropriate for each type. After finish cleaning quickly water it for protect blemish arises.